Pappy’s Premium Dubbin (16 oz)

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Includes 16 ounces of Pappy’s Premium Dubbin in a solid white container.

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  • 16 ounce bottle of the Original Pappy’s Premium Dubbin, Leather Conditioner
  • If you are constructing your craft with leather, or maintaining your leather equipment, Pappy’s Dubbin “Makes Leather Work Better”.
  • Softens your leather goods, to make them feel comfortable and look good. Makes leather last longer.
  • Premium Dubbin does not resist water but works with water in penetrating deep into leather.
  • Premium Dubbin is more than just oil so that it adds body to leather and doesn’t make leather oily and soggy or spongy feeling.
  • Adds and replaces natural oils while enhancing and maintaining the original color.  As it adds natural oils it darkens but as the oils evaporate through use and exposure the leather lightens again.
  • Pappy’s Dubbin Premium is a favorite of equestrian enthusiasts, cyclists, leather braiders, leather whip makers, cowboys, saddlemakers, and crafters.
  • It’s leather Care with confidence knowing Premium Dubbin is natural and healthy for leather and not an assortment of chemicals fabricated to mimic natural oils.
  • Adds tensile strength to leather and will not rot stitching.
  • Pappy’s Dubbin has it’s roots in saddle making, braiding, lacing, and construction of various leather goods.
  • Protects, maintains, and preserves your leather goods, including saddles and tack, leather cycling saddles and hand grips, braided whips, leather shoes and work boots, crafts, tool pouches, belts, baseball gloves, and many more.

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