Is Pappy’s Dubbin Leather Conditioner?

The old English definition of Dubbin, means grease for leather.  In times past Dubbin was rendered from what was left of animals after the meat was harvested.  Leather was used to connect oxen and horse to buggies and farm equipment as well as hanging doors and windows, tying a saddle on a horse, and holding up pants.  With so many of today’s man made products, maintenance is not so important and replacement is less expensive and easier to come by.  In the past keeping leather in good condition was very important and everything depended on it, they didn’t let a little grease discourage them from treating their leather.  Today grease is not such a pleasant word and people don’t want it on their white pants.  The Word Dubbin therefore has been replaced with leather treatment, leather conditioner, leather cream, leather dressing, and a host of other modern terms representing products designed for the preservation of leather goods.

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