What is Dubbin?

Dubbin is a waxy product used to soften, condition and preserve leather. It consists of natural waxes and oils. Dubbin has been used since medieval times. Oils and conditioners in Pappy’s Dubbin replace the natural oil lost during tanning and exposure to the elements.

How do I know which Pappy’s Dubbin product to purchase?

Use the Product Comparison Chart to determine which products best fit your needs. Go to Products to learn more about choosing the right Dubbin product.

What is the shelf life of Dubbin and how should it be stored?

Depending on how it is stored, It's best not to store it where it is hot or in direct sunlight. Dubbin will last for five years or more if stored at cool temperatures. Dubbin is very organic and may deteriorate with time but cooler temperatures prolong shelf life. However, Dubbin can be stored at room temperature or at low freezing temperatures. Always keep the lid on when not in use.

Is Dubbin going to change the color of my leather?

It may. Dubbin contains some oils and anytime you add oils to leather, it may darken the color to some degree. If you are concerned about your leather becoming darker, always spot test to determine satisfaction.  As the oils evaporate out the leather lightens in color and depending on dirt and use may return to, or near original color.

Is Dubbin going to leave an oily finish on my leather?

Premium Dubbin and Premium Lite cures on leather (depending on humidity and temperature) and buffs to a non-oily, slightly waxy (grip) finish.  Eventually the grip goes away.  Bee Dry Dubbin is intended to help leather resist the penetration of water and tends to stay on the surface more, and may retain some oil feel if not buffed off.  Dubbins Cousin (For Rawhide) tends to retain a little more grip but doesn't feel oily to the touch.

Can I use Dubbin on exotic leathers such as snake skin or alligator?

Dubbin is good for all kinds of leather.  We recommend Pappy’s Premium-Lite for lighter leathers because of the easy and flexibility of application. However, Premium Dubbin is just as safe but may be less convenient to apply.

If I get Dubbin on my hands or clothes, should I be concerned?

Pappy’s Premium, Premium Lite, or Dubbins Cousin are natural, biodegradable and water soluble, and wash out easily. In fact, we recommend applying Pappy’s Dubbin using your hands to control the application and warm the dubbin for better penetration of the leather. Dubbin is also very good for your hands.  Premium Lite is an excellent cleaner.  Bee Dry Dubbin does not was easily out of anything, and we recommend not getting it on your clothes or other places you don't want it to stay.  Soaps don't easily break down Bee Dry Dubbin but Premium or Premium Lite may help to break it down.

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