Become a Dealer

All of these criteria are negotiable. If you do not exactly meet these criteria but think you should qualify, please contact Pappy by phone (text or voice) or email.

Dealers are approved for pricing according to the following types:

1) Professional Craftsman Criteria

  • The craft must provide a majority of your income.
  • Provide two suppliers as references.
  • Order in cases or gallons.
  • Must have been in business for two years to get credit

2) Retail Dealer Criteria

  • Must have a storefront or satisfactory website.
  • Provide a picture of storefront.
  • Provide three Reps or suppliers as references.
  • Must have been in business for two years to get credit. Credit card purchases are okay until then.
  • Re-order annually
  • Provide store hours.
  • Purchase in case lots.

3) Distributor Dealer Criteria

  • Must have a building and physical address.
  • Provide a picture of building.
  • Must have at least three full-time non-exclusive Reps.
  • Must have at least five full-time employees.
  • Provide catalog or comparable website.
  • Must be attending two or more regional trade markets.
Prices include shipping costs!* Free Shipping *