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“It makes leather work better”

It works better if you are a craftsman and trying to create your art. It works better if you are a cowboy, cyclist or other user and depend on healthy leather for your work or pleasure. This is a product you can depend on.

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Premium 6oz

Pappy’s Premium Dubbin  My original and most popular dubbin product, Premium Dubbin is good for all leathers. Premium softens and maintains leather, and is gentle on the hands. A favorite among leather braiders. Does not repel water. Recommended Uses: Braiding, lacing, strings, all smooth leather, keeps leather healthy.




Premium Lite Bottle3

Pappy’s Liquid or Premium Lite Dubbin.   Pappy’s Liquid Dubbin, also known as Premium Lite, is a thick liquid in consistency, and light and creamy. It quickly absorbs into leather, and is nice to use. Great for thin leathers. Recommended Uses: Braiding, lacing, soaking for complete penetration, and for lighter, or tooled leather.




Pappy’s Bee Dry Dubbin (Boot and Chap Wax) My only product that repels water. At the same time, it also preserves leathers. Created specifically for preserving leather goods that get wet during everyday use.




Pappy’s Dubbin’s Cousin (for Rawhide) A soap-based product for rawhide braiding and care, made from Premium Dubbin using a unique process. A rawhide braider can apply this generously to the wet strings after cutting them, and Dubbin’s Cousin may help reduce the mold growth until the job is finished.


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