I just wanted to say I received my container of Bee Dry Dubbin a couple of days ago (Sunday). I am a bicyclist with several bicycles all having high end Brooks saddles. Since ordering the Dubbin, I’ve been waiting with enthusiasm for the chance to rub it in. It was so easy that now I must say, “I’m almost let down”. The only thing left to do now is ridem’. By the way, while applying the Dubbin was so easy it also left each saddle with a nice soft sheen and feel while working the Dubbin in , a very nice shine after polishing and left me totally confident that each will have that resistance to water I want.  All you cyclist out there with high end leather saddles, Try Pappy’s Dubbin products on your bicycle saddles. Less expensive, doesn’t smell bad, won’t skin in the tin like that English stuff and best of all, made in The United States Of America.
Gary Haas, Fresno, CA